Advantages and functions of electric crimping pliers


Electric crimping pliers are a type of cable cutting pl […]

Electric crimping pliers are a type of cable cutting pliers that use electric mode and use two types of power supply: AC220V plug-in lithium battery box. The utility model comprises a grip device, a cutting device and a pushing device. The pushing device of the cutting forceps is driven by two gears to drive the movable knife body.

Therefore, the electric crimping pliers and the cable disconnecting pliers are different. The disconnecting pliers are larger, the handles are long, the mouth is smaller, and they are generally round or pliers. Electric crimping pliers, you can look at the enlarged version of scissors. Everyone must choose a tool that suits their needs in the process of buying in order to improve work efficiency. Hydraulic pliers are professional hydraulic tools dedicated to crimping cables and terminals in electrical engineering. There are integral type, split type, electric type, manual type and so on.

Quick and easy
It does not take much effort to use an electric cable cutter because it is reasonably designed so that the staff can cut the cable in less time with less effort. Shear effect is good. The electric cable cutter is suitable for cutting cables. It can work according to requirements and achieve the expected cutting effect.

easy to carry
The ratchet cable cutter is small in size and light in weight. It is convenient to carry when performing electrical maintenance, and the cables in China are generally high. Maintenance workers must climb to the point of failure before performing maintenance. Meet the requirements of aerial work. The successful research and development of electric cable cutters has improved the working efficiency of operators and at the same time effectively solved the problem of operator strain.