Features of electro-hydraulic crimping tools


The electro-hydraulic crimping tool is a kind of electr […]

The electro-hydraulic crimping tool is a kind of electric tool. The main feature is that it uses the principle of the electric crimping tool to generate strong pressure to complete the riveting and crimping of very thick steel cables, cables and high-voltage wires. When we use electro-hydraulic crimping tools, we must understand its characteristics in order to better improve work efficiency.

The main characteristics of electro-hydraulic crimping tools are as follows:
1. The tool has two speeds, which can be automatically switched from the fast mold travel speed to a slower curling speed
2. In order to run smoothly and facilitate the comfort of the operator, the working head can be rotated 360°.
3. With interchangeable crimping dies, with various crimping geometries.
4. The tool is equipped with a maximum pressure valve. When the maximum pressure is reached, a "click" can be heard to warn the operation to stop working.