How to buy wire strippers?


When choosing a wire stripper, we should consider the f […]

When choosing a wire stripper, we should consider the following aspects:
1. The wire diameter of the wire stripper; choose a wire stripper blade with a suitable wire diameter (conductor size). If the wire diameter of the wire stripper is too small, the cable cannot be stripped.
2. The performance of the wire stripper; if it needs to be operated with electricity, and is used frequently, and the wire stripping strength is high, then it is necessary to purchase a wire stripper with an insulated pliers handle, durable, strong and labor-saving spring.

3. The quality of the wire stripper (workmanship); choose a wire stripper with a smooth surface, sharp blade, strong and durable body, and good spring contraction, so that when using the wire stripper, you can not damage the wire or get tired. people. A good wire stripper has the following characteristics:
(1) The surface is smooth and not rough; (a good product is like a work of art);
(2) The overall clamp body is well-proportioned and proportioned; it is not tiring to use (good products are designed for customers based entirely on mechanics);
(3) The blade is sharp, does not hurt the line, the pliers sleeve has a feel, and does not slip your hands;
(4) The clamp body is strong and durable, the spring is flexible, and the rivets are in place and do not loosen.
4. Look for the brand, see the product clearly, especially the brand, it is better to see whether the product is good for yourself, (but nine out of ten of the brand companies are made by people). Some people always blindly pursue foreign brands when buying wire strippers. In fact, as long as the wire strippers meet the above standards, they can adapt to maintenance work in various scenarios, and there is no need to blindly pursue foreign products with the same quality.