How to distinguish the quality of electric crimping tools


With the continuous development of science and technolo […]

With the continuous development of science and technology, we will use more and more high-tech electrical products in our lives. Any equipment will encounter some failures during use. This is why we need a tool to solve the problem. The emergence of crimping pliers just made up for these problems. It is imperative to buy a good tool. How to distinguish between good and bad electric crimping tools?

First of all, look at the appearance: beautiful and generous, with good mouth and cutting edge, and pliers mouth, that is, good mouth and good teeth.

Secondly, the main quality process is quenching. If the fire is large, it is easy to fall off, and if the fire is small, the jaws are easy to collapse.

Finally, it depends on whether the pliers shaft is flexible and whether the cutting edge of the pliers is moderate. Take cutting steel wire or cutting iron wire as an example, it can be easily cut, and the jaws are constantly blocked, not cracked, and not collapsed. It is best to keep the mouth open.