How to use cable cutters correctly


Although the cable cutter is a kind of professional ind […]

Although the cable cutter is a kind of professional industrial scissors, there are many people who use the cable cutter at home. Everyone will think that this is very easy to operate and there are no technical problems. , But in fact, for the use of cable cutters, there are still many points that we need to pay attention to when we are not professionals. Next, we will talk about how to use the cable cutter correctly from a few points, and what we need to pay attention to when using it. I hope you can use the cable cutter more quickly and safely at home after reading it, and let the cable cutter bring you convenience instead of trouble.

Before use, we must first check to see if the screws in each part of the cable cutters are loose or otherwise. Once found, they cannot be used temporarily. When using, we have to separate the two poles of the cable cutter to the maximum extent, just as we usually use it for simplicity. Then automatically open the power seat and rotate freely. At this time, it should be noted that it must not exceed the scope of use.

After the preparation work is completed, we need to adjust the mouth of the cable cutter, that is, the position of the scissors, and we need to cut the cable or other cable discharge scissors. When adjusting, keep in mind that the position of the scissors mouth should be kept at the same size, and the movement should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the final cut.

Finally, the cutting action is performed. The two hands that bring the closing power are forced to the middle at the same time, and then the cable can be cut.

After completing the required operations for the entire work, in order to ensure the performance and service life of the cable cutter, we need to maintain the cable cutter. Just wipe it after use, apply grease on the surface, and put it in a clean and dry place.

The above is the correct way to use the cable cutter. You can use the above method daily, but we will have different precautions for different cable cutters and different cables. When in use, the rod of our cable cutter is generally at high pressure and high temperature, and the mechanical torque is high, so the friction generated is very large. Improper use will easily lose the service life of the cable cutter. Generally, we will do some nitriding treatments to enhance the hardness of the cable cutter and further reduce the frictional damage to the cable cutter. However, nitriding and other actions are all protective measures made by manufacturers. For those of us who use cable cutters at home, there are also certain ways to protect the cable cutters a little better.

For example, when we use cable cutters, whether it is a cable or other objects, it is very important to control its temperature. Too high a temperature will damage the large scissors of the cable cutter.

Then we can properly adjust the speed of some cable cutters, because some of the plastics may use strengthening agents, so the friction force on the cable cutters will be greater, so we must control the speed problem, so that it can be better The protective cable is cut.

It briefly describes the correct use of cable cutters and some of the methods we can do to protect the cable cutters. I hope everyone can use the cable cutters in the correct way. After use, they can also be maintained and placed. This will be very good. Only by ensuring the performance and service life of the cable cutter can it bring more convenience to everyone.