Matters needing attention in the use of terminal crimping tools


Generally, it is divided into bare terminal blocks and […]

Generally, it is divided into bare terminal blocks and insulated terminal blocks. What kind of heat shrinkable terminal blocks do not need to be pressed. Just blow it with a hot air gun. There are many types of bare terminal blocks. Generally, crimping tools are selected according to the required pressure type. Crimping tools have both insulated and bare ones, and also have separate insulated or bare ones. Some require pressurizing molds, hydraulic manual ones, and electric ones. However, electric crimping tools are very popular nowadays, which can save manpower and energy costs. They are the first choice for general small and medium-sized enterprises and large-scale enterprises. The best choice to buy.

The first edge of the crimping pliers is used for peeling, and there should be a gap of about 1.5 mm when the pliers are closed. The second one is for cutting, without any gaps. The space in the "convex" shape in the middle is used for crimping. Insert a crystal head to see if the eight serrations are aligned with the copper plate. Don't press hard, otherwise one crystal head will be scrapped.

In the process of making the network cable, the crimping tool is one of the indispensable tools and a great contributor to ensuring the smooth flow of the network. Crimping pliers are not only used for pressing network cables, but can complete three tasks: cutting, stripping and crimping.

When using the crimping pliers, make sure that each wire must be pushed to the front of the crystal head. The outer skin of the network cable should also enter the crystal head by two to three centimeters. The purpose is to prevent the thread from falling off and increase the contact surface. The eight wires do not need to be stripped and pressed tightly, and the copper pieces in the plug will be embedded in the wires and contact the copper wires.

Crimping pliers use beryllium bronze and aluminum bronze as raw materials. The main application scope of explosion-proof tools are: petroleum refining and petrochemical industry, coal mines, oil fields, natural gas chemical industry, gunpowder industry, chemical fiber industry, paint industry, fertilizer industry, various pharmaceutical industries .