Problems to be aware of when using electric crimping tools


Crimping pliers play an indispensable role in all kinds […]

Crimping pliers play an indispensable role in all kinds of manufacturing and repair. People can use crimping tools in many places in life, and electric crimping pliers is a high-tech product that has just been imported from abroad in recent years. It is a tool that is powered by an electric motor and provides high torque output for wiring installation and disassembly.
Electric crimping tools are used in a wide range of applications. In the construction, overhaul, repair and other work in the ship, petrochemical, construction, electric power, mining, metallurgical and other industries, electric crimping tools are a very important tool for the installation and disassembly of large-size cables. Has the irreplaceability of other tools. Not only is it easy to use and light, but the work efficiency is greatly improved. But we should pay attention to the following points when using electric crimping tools:
1. One type of electric crimping pliers can only solve several similar cables, usually with 2-3 pieces;
2. Conditional customers are best to use an electric pump with two wrench heads. Use diagonally to improve efficiency and torque. The cost is too high.
3. When not using electric crimping tools, always maintain, such as charging, cleaning, etc.;
When using the electric crimping pliers, you can equip the pedestal and plug in the charging cable to facilitate frequent indoor work, or install a lithium battery for outdoor work.