Routine maintenance of cable cutters


Cable cutters, which we can easily understand, are a la […]

Cable cutters, which we can easily understand, are a large pair of scissors used to cut cables. The cable cutter looks similar to the scissors we usually use, but the shape is a little bigger, and the handle is longer. This makes the lever principle better, so the principle is the same as the principle of our daily scissors. It is the use of the principle of leverage, and the other point is that the pressure and the area are inversely proportional, so that the entire cutting process can be completed. As demand grows, cable cutters are also compliant, and with more and more types, there are now different categories of hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, all-electric, and so on. The application field of cable cutters is very wide, and it is often seen in life. There are many applications in power engineering. Everyone knows how to use cable cutters. So everyone knows how to use cable cutters after daily and long-term use. Go to maintenance. Next, let's talk about the maintenance of this cable cutter and the maintenance that it does not need for a long time.
Cable cutting is very much used outdoors. When using it outdoors, it will definitely be exposed to a lot of dust and other substances. After using it, be sure to clean it up. Some internal dust can't be wiped. We have to clean it. However, after cleaning, be sure to wipe it clean and dry before you can save it. Otherwise, there may be a little rust, and the rust that may be inconspicuous may also have an effect on the interior or use of the cable cutter.
After storing for a long time, we also need to clean the cable cutter. At this time, we don't need to wash it. Use a dry rag to wipe it.

The cable cutter is a tightly structured product at the factory, and the internal structure is not so simple. Therefore, even if you encounter problems during use, you can't disassemble them at will, and when you use them, remember not to knock them, you may also affect the internal structure.

Some different types of cable cutters and different types of cable cutters may have a range of wire and cable that can be used, such as the size of the use, or the strength. At this time, you must also use the manufacturer's reminder to use it. You can't think that it is the same as the cable cutter.
Another point, when we use it, we may cut the cable with a little glue. If it is glued on the cable, we can't get it by washing it. Then we can use the girl at this time. Commonly used lotion, sunscreen, face oil, etc., take a little evenly on the cable cut, then we take the cable to cut the paper, cut a few times, we will find the glue slowly in the process of cutting It has been attached to the paper and dropped. This is a small trick for the problems encountered in the daily use of cable cutters. I hope that everyone can use them skillfully.

Power cable cutters are being used more and more, but most of the users have not thought about routine maintenance, etc., and they must be thrown aside when they are used. This behavior is the service life of cable cutters or in the future. Use will definitely have an impact. Therefore, after using the cable cutter, you need to take care of it carefully. This will save you a lot of unnecessary trouble and increase the life of the cable cutter in the future.