The development trend of electric cable cutter industry


Faced with such fierce competition in the power cable c […]

Faced with such fierce competition in the power cable cutters market, personalized demand is booming today. Enterprises need to accurately grasp the development trend of the industry and clearly identify the market trend, which will be beneficial to the future production and development of the company.
Efficient energy-saving and emission reduction is a problem that many enterprises have paid attention to in their research and development. Especially nowadays, the homogenization of products, how to save fuel and reduce emissions during the operation of the machine, reducing production costs has reduced the damage caused to the environment. In particular, now advocate green living, in addition to the people attach importance to environmental protection, the government also implements environmental protection policies to improve the environmental performance of products.
The Internet effectively improves management and the Internet provides remote monitoring services to ensure the security of assets. In the future, we should focus on building an Internet architecture platform to shift service targets to the aftermarket. For example, reduce the service cost of the OEM through big data, improve customer satisfaction, ensure the timely rate of after-sales service, help end users to open source and reduce expenditure, and ensure production safety. To improve the profitability of the company. Improve management levels and reduce the cost of production of tools more effectively.
Lightweight materials reduce consumption, reduce weight and make it more convenient to carry. Insufficient technology such as high energy consumption, based on weight reduction goals, research on strength and life design techniques and applications such as parts and complete machines, development of lightweight design tools, mastering a full set of mature lightweight design techniques, and gradually overcoming the high consumption of manufactured materials. The use of high energy consumption and other shortcomings to enhance the industry's advanced manufacturing level and product market competitiveness. The application of intelligent manufacturing technology can not only ensure the stability of product quality, improve labor production efficiency, improve workers' working conditions and labor intensity, but also accelerate the upgrading and transformation of enterprises, get rid of product homogenization competition and enhance product brand value.