Tips for using electric terminal crimping tools


Electric crimping pliers, also known as hydraulic cable […]

Electric crimping pliers, also known as hydraulic cable cutter, are mainly used to drive the electric motor by the electric energy of the lithium battery and output the kinetic energy. The crimping tool also presses the wire into the terminal, but the terminal of the network cable and the telephone line is not Similarly, some are used to merge some lines together, and some just press a separate line, press the terminal as the terminal of the line or turn on the merged end.
The form of the bare terminal is very large, and the crimping tool is generally selected according to the required pressing type. The crimping pliers can be both insulated and bare, and individually insulated or bare. Some need pressure die, hydraulic manual and electric, but nowadays it is popular pneumatic pliers, which can save manpower and save energy costs. It is the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprise batch. The best choice for purchase.
Generally, it is only divided into bare terminal and insulated terminal block, and there is any heat-shrinkable terminal block, which is not required to be pressed, and the hot air gun is blown.
In its daily use, its maintenance problems are inevitable, and the electric crimping tools have different types and uses, which are largely related to the scissors head of the bolt cutters. For example, the scissors head of the stainless steel bolt cutter is made of stainless steel to distinguish it from ordinary bolt cutters, and it is not easy to oxidize. The bolt cutters cut off different linear materials mainly by the scissors head. Therefore, the maintenance of the scissors head becomes very important.