What are the main applications of wire cutting machines


The cutting machine is a lathe machine that we are fami […]

The cutting machine is a lathe machine that we are familiar with, it is used to cut objects. However, what this article wants to introduce to you is the wire cutting machine. Although they are only one word difference, the two are really different. So what is a wire cutting machine? And what are its main applications

Wire cutting machine application Introduction:

The wire cutting machine is mainly composed of three parts: a machine tool, a numerical control system and a high-frequency power supply. The numerical control system is composed of a single-chip microcomputer, a keyboard, and a frequency conversion detection system. heavy duty wire cutter It has the main functions of gap compensation, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, and automatic processing of broken wires. It can cut materials, such as high-strength, high toughness, high hardness, high brittleness, magnetic materials, and precision small and complex-shaped parts. Wire cutting technology and wire cutting machine tools are being widely used in all walks of life.

Wire cutting machine application Application range:

1. Mold processing motor industry: motor stator and rotor punching electrical cabinet, instrument case punching, bending die Electronic instrument parts: switch, pointer, connector punching, blanking, incision, bending die and plastic mold Home appliance industry: TV, refrigerator, washing machine plastic injection mold Building materials industry: aluminum extrusion mold powder metallurgy: cemented carbide die-casting mold Light industrial products: sewing machine, bicycle parts mold advertising art: stainless steel cutting, panel processing toy manufacturing: shape falling Materials, punching, forming molds, glasses manufacturing: frame, hanging feet, forming molds

2. Cutting tools, measuring tools processing-forming turning tools inlaid with cemented carbide, disc blades, inspection templates, calipers

3. Chemical and chemical fiber equipment parts-spinneret and slit processing

4. Batch parts processing-magnetic steel industry: tile-shaped and sheet-shaped magnetic steel processing; fast processing speed is required. Lighter shell: curved section cutting tooth piece processing.