What are the precautions when using cable scissors?


Electric scissors operating procedures 1. The operator […]

Electric scissors operating procedures
1. The operator must concentrate on cutting the operator and prohibit chatting or distract the operator. 2. When performing cutting work, the operator should always pay attention to whether the power cord exceeds the distance of the line itself and is pulled too tight to prevent the power cord from being cut. Avoid electric shock and short-circuit accidents. When necessary, please special personnel to ensure safety
3. During use, press the switch to stay away from the blade, hold the electric shears and hold the sock board. It is strictly forbidden to press the front of the electric shears.
4. After cutting the crotch piece, first turn off the power in time and wait for the machine to stop completely before pulling out the electric shears from the sock board
5. Unplug the power plug in time after get off work or after cutting to prevent accidental unplugging. Do not pull the power cord directly

1. When the electric scissors work continuously for a period of time, there will be some cloth scraps and other impurities inside the cutter head, which will affect the normal use of the electric scissors. Please clean the debris in the cutter head on time
2. It is advisable to cut hard objects and force cutting
3. If it is stuck during work, immediately loosen the switch and eliminate the fault.
4. Special personnel must be responsible for blade replacement or sharpening. It is strictly forbidden to replace or sharpen blades by yourself
5. It is prohibited to disassemble the body of the electric scissors by yourself