What are the types of electric cable cutters and what are their application areas


The cable cutter is a professional cutter used to cut c […]

The cable cutter is a professional cutter used to cut cables. There are many types of cable cutters. According to their functions, they can be divided into manual cable cutters, ratchet wrench cable cutters, hydraulic cable cutters, electro-hydraulic cable cutters, and all types of cable cutters. Electric cable cutter. Since cable cutters are used today, electric cable cutters are generally purchased. The design scheme of the electric cable cutter is to make it easier for some staff who go out to work, so two types of rechargeable and direct electric are shown.

Compared with other cutting pliers, the electric cable cutter looks simpler. You only have to press the cutting button after pressing the power switch. The scissors will operate automatically, and automatically cut the cable according to the size of the scissors opening. Electric cable cutters are widely used in industrial production such as high-pressure PE, IV cables, network cables, seaports, power engineering, steel, shipbuilding, and petrochemical equipment.

The promulgation of the electric cable cutter facilitates the practical operation in many fields, and cuts the cable more quickly. In the past, traditional shearing mainly performed relatively backward, and it took several light presses to cut the multi-core cable, which was not convenient for the actual operation staff, and also increased the working time of the actual operation staff.