What is the repair method of cable cutter?


(1) Preventive experiment program. The criterion of pre […]

(1) Preventive experiment program. The criterion of preventive experiments lies in "precision". The preventive experiment of the cable line-the DC withstand voltage experiment is a destructive experiment, especially for plastic insulated cables, which has an irreversible destructive effect. Therefore, we do not recommend that plastic insulated cables and oil-impregnated paper insulated cables should be subjected to regular preventive DC withstand voltage tests. Plastic insulated cables should be subjected to non-destructive insulation supervision or low-frequency experiments. The preventive experiment items, cycles and specifications of power cables shall be implemented in accordance with relevant technical regulations.  

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(2) Usual repair plan. The repair plan of the cable line includes: cable repair, defect disposal, cable terminal head and center joint repair, cable tunnel, cable trench and cable well repair, cable support and cable outer sheath metal anti-corrosion, etc. Each item in the repair plan should have work schedule, labor organization and data preparation.  

(3) Overhaul plan. The replacement of cables, the overhaul of cable tunnels, cable trenches and other equipment should be comprehensively judged according to the service life of the decorated wires and cables, the amount and importance of the load, the fault condition, the degree of corrosion, the voltage test and the insulation aging condition, List the timetable of the overhaul, as well as the workload, labor force, tools, materials, and overhaul costs. When formulating a plan, it should try to cooperate with the repair time of electrical equipment to reduce the number and time of power outages.