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BENDER's fox demon function

Taizhou Naibo Machinery Co., Ltd. 2016.08.04
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Function It is mainly used for bending rebar, round steel, screw, etc. It is widely used in highways, railways, Bridges, engineering projects and building construction and other industries.
With the advantages of light weight, small size, easy to carry and easy to operate, construction companies are widely used.
Application Civil Engineering and Construction and other construction projects(highway, railway, water conservancy, housing construction projects)
1) Correcting and straightening of bent steel bars after soil breaking.
2) The vertical direction of the rebar after pouring or banding is bent;
3) In the field of bridge pile foundations, the head cage of the reinforcing steel cage and the bearing platform is hooked at 90 degrees and 180 degrees;
4) Bending of anchor rods and large foundation pit bolts and soil nailing walls by workers and engineers;
5) Bending of steel bars, anchor rods, and subway anchor rods in piles of steel-concrete buildings with pile heads in roads and bridges;
6) In the field of house building, the shear wall is capped, the pillars are capped, and the skeleton steel bars are bent and shaped.