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Advantages and functions of electric crimping pliers

Advantages and functions of electric cri...

Electric crimping pliers are a type of cable cutting pliers that use electric mode and use two types of power supply: AC220V plug-in lithium battery box. The utility model comprises a grip device, a c...

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Gear type cable cutter cutting instructions

Gear type cable cutter cutting instructi...

Cable Shear Standard: 1. The gap between the movable blade and the spacer is less than 0.2mm; 2.The appearance must not be scratched 3. Is punching reasonable? 4. effortless when using 5. Whether the ...

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Problems to be aware of when using electric crimping tools

Problems to be aware of when using elect...

Crimping pliers play an indispensable role in all kinds of manufacturing and repair. People can use crimping tools in many places in life, and electric crimping pliers is a high-tech product that has ...

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Tips for using electric terminal crimping tools

Tips for using electric terminal crimpin...

Electric crimping pliers, also known as hydraulic cable cutter, are mainly used to drive the electric motor by the electric energy of the lithium battery and output the kinetic energy. The crimping to...

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Common wiring steps for electric crimping tools

Common wiring steps for electric crimpin...

Electric crimping pliers, also called electric cable strippers, are necessary tools for the electric power industry to carry out wire crimping in the basic construction and line maintenance of the lin...

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The difference between electric crimping tools and terminal clamps

The difference between electric crimping...

The electric crimping pliers have just been introduced into the domestic market in the last two years. They are mainly composed of the electric output part, the operation part conversion part, the ope...

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