Correct understanding of pliers usage


Everyone knows that there are many types of pliers, inc […]

Everyone knows that there are many types of pliers, including flat nose pliers, diagonal nose pliers, wire cutters, diagonal nose pliers, needle nose pliers, bolt cutters, vigorous pliers, pipe pliers, punch pliers and so on. But they all have a part for clamping the material, called "jaw". The jaws are controlled by levers, which can produce a large clamping force. There are many functions, we introduce one by one.

Now many people do not know how to correctly understand and use the pliers. The first thing to know is that the pliers are operated with the right hand. With the jaws facing inward, it is convenient to control the cutting position of the jaws. Use your little finger to stretch the middle of the two jaws against the jaws and open the jaws, so that the jaws can be separated flexibly.

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How to use the pliers:

① Under normal circumstances, the strength of the pliers is limited, so you can not use it to operate the work that can not be reached by the strength of ordinary hands. Especially the smaller or ordinary needle-nose pliers may damage the jaws when it is used to bend strong bar stock.
②General wire cutting pliers have three cutting edges, which can only be used to cut iron wire, not steel wire.
③The handle of the pliers can only be held by hand, and it cannot be reinforced by other methods.

So how many types of pliers are there in daily life? Let me introduce them first! The wire cutters commonly used by electricians are available in 150, 175, 200 and 250mm and other specifications. It can be purchased according to the needs of internal or external lines. The teeth of the pliers can also be used to tighten or loosen nuts. The blade of the pliers can be used to cut the rubber or plastic insulation of the flexible wire. The blade of the pliers can also be used to cut the wire and wire.

When cutting the No. 8 galvanized iron wire, use the blade to cut back and forth a few times around the surface, and then only need to gently pull the wire, the wire will be broken. The guillotine can also be used to cut hard wires such as electric wires and steel wires. The insulated plastic tube of the pliers can withstand voltages above 500V. With it, the wire can be cut live. Do not throw it away during use to avoid damage to the insulated plastic tube.