How to avoid risks during use of cable cutter


1) During the use of the cable cutting machine, large v […]

1) During the use of the cable cutting machine, large vibrations are usually generated, which may easily cause insulation damage or structural damage, resulting in electric shock.

2) The power cord of the cable cutter is easy to wear at the lead-out part. Once the core conductor is exposed or touches the metal shell, it will cause electric shock.

3) The grounding (zero adjustment) maintenance of the metal shell does not work. If there is a repair connector on the plug, there is no repair connector on the socket, or the repair cord itself is disconnected or disconnected from the terminal, it is easy to cause electric shock.

4) The east-west power supply is not cut off or the power supply of the mobile electrical equipment is not cut off during the movement, the power cord is broken or crushed, and the electric shock is caused.

5) The equipment company itself has no shortcomings. When using it, it can cause students to get an electric shock because they are not aware of the different conditions of the construction organization. For example, if the wall is punched, it is easy to get an electric shock if it is punched on the wiring laid in the dark or punched on the wire laid in the board hole.

6) These things or equipment are usually used when they are held tightly. Once an electric shock occurs, there may be no way out, and the result is more serious.