How to store the cutting pliers?


Nowadays, the application of the wire cutter is more ex […]

Nowadays, the application of the wire cutter is more extensive. The wire cutter is a kind of easy-to-use tool, which can save labor, time and improve our work efficiency. However, we may not have paid attention to the storage of the cutting pliers. The manufacturer of the cutting pliers said that the correct storage of the cutting pliers can extend its service life. Here is a brief introduction to the storage method of the wire cutter:

The cutting pliers need to be placed in wooden boxes with moisture-proof paper. In the process of transportation, it is also necessary to take precautions against rain and moisture.

The specifications and types of wire cutters are different. Small wire cutters can be simply packed with moisture-proof paper and placed in cartons. However, for long-distance transportation and large-scale cutting pliers, there is a need for additional storage plan in packaging and storage. Therefore, the packing and storage of the cutting pliers must put forward certain requirements for the boxes and moisture-proof paper used in long-distance transportation.