How to use pliers


① Under normal circumstances, the strength of the plier […]

① Under normal circumstances, the strength of the pliers is limited, so you can not use it to operate the work that cannot be achieved by the strength of ordinary hands. Especially the smaller or ordinary needle-nose pliers may damage the jaws when it is used to bend strong bar stock.

② The general cutting pliers have three cutting edges, which can only be used to cut the wire and not the wire.

③ The handle of the pliers can only be held by hand, and cannot be forced by other methods (such as hitting with a hammer, clamping with a vise, etc.).

The cover is used to clamp parts for riveting, welding, grinding and other processing. The characteristics of vigorous pliers are that the jaws can be locked and produce a large clamping force, so that the clamped parts will not loosen; and the jaws have multi-stop adjustment positions for clamping parts of different thicknesses. In addition, it can also be used as a wrench.