The role and use of wire nose crimping tools


The wire nose crimping pliers are suitable for lighting […]

The wire nose crimping pliers are suitable for lighting in large projects such as coal mines, railways, tunnels, industry, and electric power industries.
Applicable range: 16-400mm2
Working pressure: 13T
Working stroke: 32mm
Oil storage: 145cc
Mold configuration: 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300, 400mm2
Voltage mode: 20.000V / 1 minute (between the head and the handle clip)
Weight: 6.4kgs
Hydraulic oil: R32 premium lubricant
For power cable conductors, hydraulic copper, aluminum terminals and connecting pipes;
The hexagonal mold is used, and the crimping is tight and the conductive is good, and it is not easy to fall off and conduct heat;
The second section is high speed and low pressure, and the oil is quick to enter, and the operation is easy to return oil.
Quickly return oil with rotary pressing method;
When the pressure reaches 700kg/cm2 (12TON), the safety relief device designed to warn the operator will stop the action;
Glass fiber operated insulation rod, withstand voltage 210Kv, continuous division;
The pressure joint portion can be rotated by 180;
The external pressure regulating valve does not require the overall structure to be removed;
The packaging method adopts a beautiful and practical one-piece plastic material box;