What are the common problems of power tool cable stripper


Power tool cable stripper can adjust the depth of strip […]

Power tool cable stripper can adjust the depth of stripping (0-5 MM) by adjusting screws according to the thickness of the external insulation. The operator should press the knife head and use his thumb to guide, so that the peeling can be carried out in any direction: according to the small movement and the pressure on the transmission gear along the insulation, the peeling can be completed successfully; Able to change between the length and the diameter of the cut. In order to remove the connector on the insulation, press the cutter head into the insulation.

The body of the power tool cable stripper is formed by a thin 6mm stainless steel sheet punching die; the ball stripper and the cable touch the position with 8 ball bearings, which rotate smoothly; the cable stripper can adjust the rolling bearing parts according to cables of different diameters. The cable stripper can adjust the drilling angle of the lower knife to control the drilling thickness. The main purpose of the insulated power transmission cable stripper is to remove the insulation layer of the insulated power line.