What are the main points of the use of wire strippers


The wire stripper is one of the tools commonly used by […]

The wire stripper is one of the tools commonly used by inside electricians, motor repairers, and instrument electricians. It is used by power supply workers to strip the surface insulation layer of the wire head. The wire stripper can separate the cut insulation of the wire from the wire, and can also prevent electric shock.
Use points: According to the diameter of the wire, choose the hole diameter of the wire stripper blade.
1. According to the thickness of the cable, select the corresponding stripping knife
2. Put the prepared cable in the middle of the blade of the wire stripping tool, and choose the length of the wire to be stripped
3. Hold the handle of the stripping tool, clamp the cable, and slowly peel off the outer skin of the cable
4. Loosen the handle of the tool and take out the cable. At this time, the metal of the cable is neatly exposed, and the rest of the insulating plastic is intact.
Related parameters
The material of the wire stripper: The body of the pliers is made of Q235 steel. The casing is made of polyvinyl chloride plastic.
The composition of the wire stripper: it is composed of a knife-edge, a crimping mouth, and pliers handle. The clamp handle of the wire stripper is covered with an insulating sleeve with a rated working voltage of 500V.
Specifications of wire strippers: 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm (all full length).