What are the reasons for accidents during the use of manual tools


In modern households, each household will have a set or […]

In modern households, each household will have a set or several scattered and practical hand tools. In the manual use process, there are often people who are careless and do not understand how to use it, causing themselves or the people around them to use it. What are the causes and preventive methods of accidents during the manual tooling process?
There are many reasons for accidents during the use of hand tools. First, the injury may be directly caused by the hand tool, for example, the tool flew out of control during the use of the hand tool, or the user's body lost balance due to the loss of control of the tool, resulting in injury to the surrounding people; It may be that the hand tool is too sharp, and the user is not paying attention during the use process, thus being cut by the cutting edge and burrs of the tool; the third possibility is that some flying debris is generated during the work and splashed on the user or his side Human body; in the end, there may be electric shock accidents due to the conduction of hand tools.
In order to avoid the above-mentioned injuries in the use of hand tools, the first thing the user has to do is to choose hand tools that are suitable for the work needs. After the tools are used up, they should also be maintained and cannot be discarded at will; secondly, they should choose good quality manual tools. Tools, poor-quality manual tools are prone to damage during use, which may harm the user; again, it is recommended that the user check the manual tools before use to ensure that the tools are not damaged before using them; it is also very important to understand the correct usage of the tools. Important; the last is to use the tools in a suitable working environment, and if possible, you must wear appropriate protective equipment for yourself.
The use of hand tools is very simple, but because of its simplicity, users often neglect a lot of dangers carelessly, causing harm to themselves and others in the process of using them. Taking it lightly is not worthy of being promoted at any time, and the precautions before and after the use of post-moving tools need to be kept in mind.