What are the types of hardware tools


I believe that everyone has more or less hardware tools […]

I believe that everyone has more or less hardware tools in their homes. All the trivial things in life, big and small problems, and product failures, all need hardware tools to repair. Speaking of hardware tools in general, this range is a bit too big. Hardware tools refer to the general term for metal devices manufactured after physical processing of metals such as iron and steel. And the hardware tools we usually come into contact with are simple: daily hardware, household hardware.
In addition to being simply divided into usage categories, hardware tools can also be divided into two types: tools and small hardware. Tools include hand tools, pneumatic tools, power tools, auto repair tools, gardening tools and equipment, etc., and small hardware includes hardware accessories, construction hardware, mechanical hardware, and daily hardware.
Hardware tools
Screwdriver: A tool used to turn a screw to force it into place. It usually has a thin wedge-shaped head that can be inserted into the slot or notch of the screw head-also known as a "screwdriver".
Wrench: Use the principle of leverage to turn bolts, screws, nuts, and other threaded hand tools to hold the openings or sleeves of bolts or nuts. Wrenches are usually made with clamps on one or both ends of the handle to apply external force to the handle to apply external force to turn the bolt or nut to hold the opening or sleeve of the bolt or nut. When in use, an external force is applied to the shank along the direction of thread rotation, and the bolt or nut can be turned.
Hammer: is a tool used to strike an object to move or deform it. It is most commonly used to knock nails, correct or break objects. Hammers come in various forms, the common form is a handle and top. One side of the top is flat for striking, and the other side is a hammer head. The shape of the hammer head can be like a horn or a wedge, and its function is to pull out a nail. There is also a round head-shaped hammer head.
File: There are many fine teeth and strips on the surface, and it is a hand tool used to file the workpiece. Used for micro processing of metal, wood, leather and other surface layers.
Pliers: It is a hand tool used to clamp and fix the processed workpiece or twist, bend, or cut the metal wire. The shape of the pliers is V-shaped and usually includes three parts: the handle, the jaw and the mouth of the pliers.
Wire pliers: Wire pliers are a kind of pliers and cutting tools, which are composed of a pliers head and a pliers handle. The pliers head includes a jaw, a tooth, a knife, and a guillotine. The functions of the various parts of the pliers are: ①The tooth mouth can be used to fasten or loosen the nut; ②The knife edge can be used to cut the rubber or plastic insulation layer of the soft wire, and it can also be used to cut the wire and iron wire; ③The guillotine can be used to Cut off the hard metal wires such as wires and steel wires; ④The insulated plastic tube of the pliers can withstand voltages above 500V. With it, the wires can be cut with electricity.