What should be paid attention to when using cable cutter


Accurately master how to use the cable cutter, the use […]

Accurately master how to use the cable cutter, the use of the cable cutter will be an ideal temperature processing range. The temperature of plastic processing should be controlled so that it is close to this temperature range.
First of all, there will be a certain amount of friction when you arrive at the feeding area. Of course, it is like this plastic is not heated well, and the kneading is not very uniform, which will easily cause the inner wall of the plastic barrel and the surface of the screw to be larger. Wear.
The speed of the cable cutter should be adjusted moderately, because some plastics are added with strengthening agents, such as glass fiber minerals or other filling materials. The frictional force of these substances on metal materials is often much greater than that of melted plastics. Therefore, when using cable cutters, you should pay attention to the issue of speed. This will greatly improve the efficiency of cable supervision.
In addition, it will strengthen the production of more shredded fibers. The shredded fibers contain sharp ends. This will greatly increase the wear ability and reduce the scraping effect after the mineral surface slides at high speed. So the speed should not be adjusted too high