Cable cutter technical parameters and maintenance methods


With the increasing number of cable cutters that are no […]

With the increasing number of cable cutters that are now laying cables, the use of cable cutters has become more and more extensive, and cable cutters have become one of the daily essential tools in many industries. Cable cutters are very useful tools for cutting copper core cables and aluminum core cables. Although the cable cutter has the characteristics of tight structure, light and easy to carry, and very convenient in the use of the shear cable, if we want to extend the service life of the cable cutter we purchased, we must first cut the cable. The technical parameters and its maintenance methods must be understood. Below we will introduce the technical parameters of the cable cutter and its maintenance methods in daily use.
Technical parameters: cable cutter is also called hydraulic cable cutting shear. Cutting 80mm cable is currently the limit of its opening. Because cable cutter is small in size and light in weight, cable cutter is very suitable for cutting some cables inside the distribution box. operation.
Maintenance method: The structure of the cable cutter is very strict. Therefore, this cable cutter must be kept by professional personnel when it is not used normally and cannot be contacted by non-professionals at will. The body of the hydraulic cable cutter cannot be struck sharply or violently, and it is even more difficult to disassemble at will, because if these situations occur, it is very likely that the cable cutter will be damaged or it will not work properly. .
Cable cutters are professional tools for cutting copper cores or aluminum core cables and cannot cut other items with cable cutters. If the cable cutter we purchased needs to be refueled after a period of use, pull out the oil plug of the oil bag and then refuel. After adding the oil to the cable, we must first open the air to release the air inside the oil bag.