Cable cutting precautions


Cable cutting has various requirements for cutting, fro […]

Cable cutting has various requirements for cutting, from cutting wires with a small diameter, ribbon cables with precise cutting angles, to cutting cables with larger diameters for power supply. This requires the use of cable cutting tools: hydraulic cable cutters.

The cable cutter is a cutting pliers specially used for cutting cables. The two blades are staggered and can be opened and closed. It is a large-scale scissors designed by using the "leverage principle" and "pressure is inversely proportional to area". In order to enhance the strength and convenience of cable cutters, cable cutters have evolved from traditional manual cable cutters to ratchet cable cutters, and hydraulic cable cutters, electro-hydraulic cable cutters, and all-electric cable cutters have appeared one after another.

The power grid of Wanguan Hardware Machine is here to remind you that you need to pay attention when cutting the cable, and it is required to use the minimum effort to make the cable cut smooth. Special blade geometry design, fine blade sharpening and hardness treatment ensure perfect cutting.

Larger power can also be obtained through the optimized lever transmission ratio, or a special design structure is used for power transmission, such as gear transmission, so that the blade can easily cut thick cables. In addition, the design of the handle shape incorporates ergonomics, and the use of materials with a good feel and light weight makes the work of cable processing very easy.

In addition, the compact design structure is also an important factor in reducing the weight of the tool. If you need to work in a narrow space, for example, in a distribution box, using cable cutters, this compact structure can also bring great convenience to users.

It should be noted that cable cutters are suitable for high-voltage PE, IV cables, telephone lines, but not for cutting steel wire ropes or steel wires. Only steel wire rope cutters with reinforced cutter heads can cut sheathed cable conductors. In addition, the shearing capacity of the cable cutter refers to the total value of the cross-sectional area of ​​the metal wire that can be cut at one time, rather than the cross-sectional area of ​​a single metal wire for the given cable cut.