How to operate the wire stripper correctly


The wire stripper consists of a knife edge, a crimping […]

The wire stripper consists of a knife edge, a crimping port and a clamp handle. It is one of the tools commonly used by inside electricians, motor repairs, and instrument electricians. The handle of the wire stripper is covered with an insulating sleeve with a rated working voltage of 500V, which is suitable for stripping plastic and rubber insulated wires and cable core wires.


Performance standards of cable strippers
1) The clamp head can be opened and closed flexibly, and can be opened and closed freely under the action of a spring.
2) When the cutting edge is closed, the clearance between the cutting edge is not more than 0.3mm.
3) The jaw hardness of the wire stripper is not less than HRA56 or not less than HRC30.
4) The wire stripper can smoothly strip the plastic or rubber insulation layer of the wire with a core diameter of 0.5mm~2.5mm.
5) The clamp handle of the wire stripper has sufficient bending strength. After the adjustable end face wire stripper is subjected to a load test of 20N·m, the permanent deformation of the clamp handle is not more than 1mm.

Note: In order not to hurt people and objects around the fragment, please confirm the direction of the fragment splash before cutting.

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1.It is suitable for stripping of the main insulation layer at the end of Ø20-40mm cable

2.With simple operation, rapid peeling, no damage to the core, and light carrying, it is simple, intuitive and convenient

3.Forged from alloy steel, the blade will be sharper and more durable after heat treatment and grinding process and can remove, replace, grinding.

Model BX-40A
Stripping range Insulation layer of cable(10kv) with dia.15-40mm
Weight: 0.8kg
size 250×85×55mm