Crimping pliers for the processing of the network cable


Crimping pliers is a very common tool in our lives. It […]

Crimping pliers is a very common tool in our lives. It is a necessary tool for us to suppress various wires and is essential in all kinds of terminals. It can be used to suppress crystal heads, as well as the wiring of common telephone line connectors and network cables in the home.
In terms of characteristics: the crimping pliers have the characteristics of simple operation and convenient use, which can make the user work under very labor-saving conditions, which is very suitable.
In the market, although the types of crimping tools are various, the functions and operation methods are almost the same, and generally have three functions. First of all, at the top of the crimping pliers, we call this the crimping groove. Under normal circumstances, the crimping groove can be divided into three categories: 6P, 8P and 4P. The 8P slot is the most commonly used RJ-45 in life. The crimping slot, while the 4P next to it is the RJ11 telephone line crimping slot. The crimping tool 8p crimping groove has a very obvious mark. On the back side, we can clearly see a toothed module. The main function of this module is to stabilize the 8 contacts on the crystal head. Above the twisted pair.
Let's take a look at how the crimping tool handles the cable before we go to the cable. Most of the LAN in life is a twisted pair. The twisted pair is generally composed of 4 pairs of 8 core wires. These wires are different in color. Generally, each of the two wires is woven together according to a certain rule to become a core pair. However, people pay more attention to this kind of line and the degree of recognition is not enough. It is considered to be insignificant, but today Xiaobian tells everyone its importance, as the most basic link and transmission medium of Ethernet. It not only serves as a connection, but also determines the performance of the network to a large extent. In fact, this is easy for us to understand, so what is the reason? Because the decisive role is often determined by the basic things. The twisted pair is used as the transmission medium of the network connection. In the future, all the information on the network needs to be transmitted in such a channel. Therefore, its function is very important. If the quality of the twisted pair itself is not good, the transmission rate is limited, you said Even if the performance of other network devices is good, what is the use of high transmission speed?
In fact, twisted pair is a low-cost, high-performance transmission medium. Its integrated wiring system is widely used in horizontal wiring. Although the twisted pair is inexpensive, the product is very reliable in terms of connection, and it is very simple to be listed in maintenance and maintenance. It can provide up to 1000Mbps transmission bandwidth. In effect: not only for data transmission, but also for For voice and multimedia transmission. At present, there are already five and six types of unshielded twisted pair cables in China that can easily provide 155 Mbps communication bandwidth and have the potential to upgrade to gigabit bandwidth, thus becoming the preferred cable for horizontal wiring today.
  So how do you deal with network cables? Just take 4 simple steps:
1 Cut the crimping piece from the crimping piece and strip the wire. The length of the bare wire is about 1.5 mm, which is approximately equal to the crimping position of the crimping piece.
2 Insert the opening direction of the crimping piece toward the crimping groove, and make the metal strip at the end of the crimping piece flush with the crimping tool.
3 Insert the wire into the crimping piece, and then press it tightly.
4 Take out the crimping piece and observe the effect of the pressing line. You can use the metal strip at the end of the crimping piece.

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