How to use bolt cutters correctly and how to maintain them.


   Bolt cutters are tools used to cut wires. They are u […]

   Bolt cutters are tools used to cut wires. They are used as hand tools to cut various wires. They are mainly used to cut steel core aluminum stranded wires, steel stranded wires, insulated wires, etc.

   1. The use of bolt cutters. Anything, excessive use will accelerate the speed of damage, so bolt cutters are strictly prohibited from overloading. Various types of hand tools have different rated strengths. When using tools, you should choose their varieties and specifications reasonably according to actual needs. Do not substitute small for large, and do not cut items with a hardness greater than the blade of the bolt cutter, so as to avoid chipping or curling. , And it must not be used as an ordinary steel tool to replace other tools, so as to avoid overloading fracture and its deformation damage.

  2. Maintenance of bolt cutters. The common problem of bolt cutters is that the cutting edge is easily damaged, the two blades are misaligned or cannot be completely closed, which makes cutting difficult. In fact, this is not tool deformation or damage, just adjust the corresponding bolts. Take the bolt cutters, loosen the nut about one turn, turn the screw to align the jaws, and rotate the arrow on the screw inward, and then tighten the nut with the clamp heads together.