How to use wire strippers


The wire stripper is one of the tools commonly used by […]

The wire stripper is one of the tools commonly used by internal electricians, electric motor repairers, and instrumentation electricians. It is used by electricians to strip the surface insulation of the wire head. The wire stripper can separate the insulation of the wire from the wire, and can also prevent electric shock.

How to use wire strippers
The wire stripper is the most widely used electrician tool for line maintenance. It is very important to correctly use and operate the wire stripper. So how should the wire stripper be used standardizedly? In fact, the method of using the wire stripper is very simple, mainly divided into the following three steps:
First of all, when using wire strippers to strip the insulation of the wire, first measure the insulation length to be stripped with a ruler, and make the corresponding mark. .
Then, hold the handle of the wire stripper with one hand and place the wire into the edge of the wire stripper with the other hand.
 Finally, grasp the grip of the wire stripping pliers to peel off the unnecessary wire insulation to expose the metal wire.

Precautions for using wire strippers

If you want to use the wire stripper for a long time, in addition to the standard operation of the wire stripper, you need to pay attention to seven points:

1. Do not use the wire stripper as a hammer, otherwise excessive force or a hard hammer will break the wire stripper.

2. Do not use the wire stripper as a wrench, otherwise the blade of the wire stripper will crack, which will affect the normal use of the wire stripper in the future.

3. Do not use the wire stripper as a vise (wire cutter), do not use wire strippers to cut off hard objects such as steel wire or iron wire, and avoid the blade of the wire stripper becoming dull, which affects normal use.

4. Do not blindly extend the length of the pliers handle because the pliers handle is not long enough, but use the corresponding specifications of the wire stripper for operation.

5. The protective sleeve of some wire stripper pliers handles is not made of an insulator, but a rubber sleeve, which does not have the function of preventing electricity and cannot work with electricity.

6. The pliers handle (insulation part) of the wire stripper must not have problems such as notches, scars, etc., otherwise there will be hidden safety hazards during use.

7. It is best to wear eyepieces when using wire strippers to avoid eye damage.


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Specification and model of wire stripper

There are many types of wire stripping pliers on the market. Different types of wire stripping pliers have different functions and will have different effects when they are used. What are the specifications of wire stripping pliers?

1. Multifunctional wire stripper

Multi-functional wire stripper is a professional tool for cutting and stripping wire. It has multi-standard cuts, which can strip multiple strands, as well as network and cable wires. It has strong practicality, safety and convenience.

Multi-functional wire stripper is small and compact (can be operated with one hand), the cutting depth of the blade supports adjustment, can quickly strip a variety of cables (such as flat wire, thin round wire and network cable, etc.); with safety lock, small size and other advantages , Can be easily stored and carried; Using thick ABS shell material, solid and durable.

 2. Convenient wire stripper

Convenient wire stripper (also called wire stripper) is a tool used to remove the protective jacket around the cable when installing a plug or trapezoidal socket. It can be used to strip telephone cables, network cables and other cables.

3. Manual wire stripper

It is used to strip the insulation layer on the head of the wire. It can cut the wire, copper wire, aluminum wire and screw. It is a common tool for internal electricians, motor maintenance, instrumentation electricians.

4. Fiber Optic Stripper

Optical fiber stripping pliers are tools used to cut and strip optical fiber coatings.

The optical fiber stripping pliers adopt a three-hole segmented design, which has the characteristics of precise aperture and sharp knife edge. When using optical fiber stripping pliers, the fiber coating can be quickly and neatly stripped without harming the fiber without adjusting the aperture.

Selection method of wire stripper

When selecting wire strippers, we should consider the following three aspects:

1. Wire diameter of wire stripper. Select a wire stripper blade with a suitable wire diameter (conductor size). If the wire stripper diameter is too small, the cable cannot be stripped.

2. Wire stripper performance. If you need live operation, frequent use, and high stripping strength, you must purchase an insulated pliers handle, a durable, strong, and labor-saving spring wire stripper.

3. The quality of the wire stripper (workmanship). Choose a wire stripper with a smooth surface, a sharp blade, strong and durable pliers, and a good spring contraction, so that when you use the wire stripper, you can not hurt the wire or tire.