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Electric crimping pliers _H type clamp Electric hydraul […]

Electric crimping pliers _H type clamp Electric hydraulic pliers have been widely used, and, for example, when connecting a network cable, it is not possible to use this tool, so electric crimping pliers _H type clamp electric The function of hydraulic tongs is also developing towards the goal of becoming more and more simple and fast. Evergreen Dirk Power Tools series products have entered the Chinese market since 2012 and have been widely used in building decoration, lighting, machinery manufacturing, and shipbuilding industry. , Mining group, water conservancy project and many other fields. And exported to the Middle East, Europe, America and Southeast Asia. To do anything, you need to pay attention to skills, of course, electric crimping pliers _H-clamp electric hydraulic pliers are no exception. Correctly mastering the use of various tools, can complete the work tasks very well, and also improve Work efficiency, in order to help everyone to use electric crimping tools_H type clamp electric hydraulic pliers,
1. Select the mold to be pressed, for example, the size 240 of the terminal to be pressed, then select 240 upper and lower molds.
2. First check whether the crimped terminal matches the wire size.
3. How to use the pump: Tighten the oil return switch in a clockwise direction and repeatedly shake the handle, and look at the mold.
At one point, it means that the pressing is completed. If the user does not pay attention to continue shaking, the piston stops moving forward. At this time, the oil return switch should be turned counterclockwise to return the piston to its original position.