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How to prolong the service life of hydraulic electric pump

Taizhou Naibo Machinery Co., Ltd. 2022.02.22
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Who knows that the hydraulic electric pump will heat up in the hydraulic system after the mechanical equipment has been used for a long time? In this case, if the applied solution is wrong, it will endanger the service life of the hydraulic electric pump. If this happens At this time, it should be temporarily terminated. What should I do if such a thing has occurred? Is there a way to deal with this contradiction?
1. If the wave pressure system must change the flow, especially when the high flow time is shorter than the low flow time, use a double or variable pump;
2. The feed structure of the CNC lathe must have a large flow rate and a small flow rate during work. The distance between the two is dozens of times or even a large amount. In order to better achieve the high flow rate required by the wave pressure cylinder during fast discharge, it is necessary to choose a larger flow rate. Pump, but with the development of operation, the flow required by the wave pressure cylinder is reduced, so the high-pressure gear oil overflows the gate valve.
It consumes electricity and heats the system. Variable vane pumps can be used to deal with this problem. In the case of fast discharge, the working pressure is low, and the displacement (flow) profit of the pump is maximized. With the development of the operation, the system working pressure Raise, the pump automatically raises.
It reduces the displacement and basically, there is no oil from the speed control valve, and a biaxial piston pump can also be used. At low voltage, the large pump and the small pump work in harmony, and the oil provided for the system is When working under ultra-high pressure, the small pump provides high pressure and low flow, and the large pump provides low pressure and high flow, which is unloaded by the pressure relief valve;
3. For example, CNC lathe three-jaw chuck fixture equipment or other hydraulic fixture equipment, of which use the oil provided by the centralized pump room, that is, one pump feeds several CNC lathes. It is necessary to quickly hold or release the fixture. The system must also have a large flow. Since it is necessary to fully consider all CNC lathes to clamp at the same time, it is only necessary to maintain the working pressure, that is, in the card installation process, the no-flow time ratio must be Liquidity times are much longer;
4. Therefore, the pump in this system is busy, consuming power engineering and heating the system. In addition, in the case of the pump, it is very bad to operate under high pressure all the time. When the system warmed up, it was forced to temporarily shut down.
In order to better deal with this contradiction, the oil tank can be enlarged, or the oil tank can be used to exhaust heat, but this is also a depressive method, which can stabilize the system temperature, but it will consume the driving force, damage the hydraulic oil pump, and more. A strong solution is to use an accumulator to store some gear oil.
When the working pressure of the system reaches high pressure, the hydraulic oil pump will release the pressure, and the accumulator will give the required pressure test flow to the system. When the system gas pressure reaches a low pressure, the hydraulic electric pump will restart to avoid the system heating up, and it is not easy to cause common faults. , The oil tank is smaller, which can prolong the service life of the hydraulic electric pump. This kind of operating state is more effective.

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