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What are the requirements for the application conditions of hydraulic electric pumps

Taizhou Naibo Machinery Co., Ltd. 2022.03.04
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The application of the hydraulic electric pump has necessary regulations for the surrounding environment: for the temperature, the working temperature of the electric pump application should not be higher than 20 ℃. If the temperature is too high, it will jeopardize the actual effect of heat dissipation of the heat pipe, resulting in the reduction of knowledge economy or other adverse effects. Secondly, regarding the natural environment of the liquid, the pH value of the liquid pH is 6.5-8.5 when the electric pump is used. Too acid or too alkali will damage the electric pump to a certain extent and reduce its service life. It should also be noted that the chloride ion content in the liquid does not exceed 400 mg/L. When using an electric pump, the "on" and "off" should not be frequent. If it is too frequent, a trip or short circuit may occur.
1. Before starting the electric pump unit, the system inspection and recovery should be carried out strictly to ensure that the entire system is full of water and air is discharged.
2. Strictly control the current of the electric pump not to exceed 681A at any time.
3. In the process of adjusting the spoon tube of the hydraulic electric pump, strictly monitor the matching relationship between the speed ratio, the opening degree of the spoon tube and the working pressure. When an error is found, immediately send someone to the site to check and determine the reason; In the case of astringent conditions, immediately notify the manufacturer of after-sales service;
4. When adjusting the water level of the steam drum, pay close attention to the opening of the small total flow valve. When the electric pump current is 232A, the small flow valve must be fully opened to prevent the small flow valve from being damaged due to the flow rate less than 167 t/h. Insufficient protection and tripping.
5. During the operation adjustment process, the adjustment of the electric pump conduit should be as stable as possible. In principle, the adjustment amount of the electric pump spoon tube shall not exceed 10% at a time
6. When dealing with the water level transmitter of the deaerator, take precautions to prevent misoperation of the low water level protection.
7. Strengthen the inspection and inspection of the control oil pressure during the operation of the spoon tube.


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