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How to use wire strippers safely

Taizhou Naibo Machinery Co., Ltd. 2022.04.08
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Choosing the right wire stripping tool can be a daunting task. Wire strippers are generally small, hand-held tools used to remove insulation from the outer layers of wires. This tool is often used to connect electricity in daily electrical work. This article mainly discusses the safety of the use of wire strippers.

wire stripper
Wire strippers are used to remove or stripping insulated wires, and there are two main types - manual wire strippers and automatic wire strippers.

cable cutter
Wire strippers and cable cutters are mainly used for cutting copper, brass, aluminum, and steel wire. Many wire cutters have insulated handles to ensure the user does not get electrocuted. There are cable cutters that cut the wire at a specific angle and leave a flat tip. The cut will be asymmetrical, leaving a sharper tip on one side. But this cable cutter is very handy because it allows the user to cut wires from very close to the base.

How to use wire strippers?
* Safety
When handling wires, the important thing is to be safe. Before starting work, remember to turn off the main power . This helps prevent accidents and makes work safer. Find the electrical board, unscrew the fuse, and cut off the power completely. Of course, it is also possible to just turn off the power in your workroom.

* Test circuit
Testing all circuits for current is another important piece of privacy before using a wire stripping tool. Double-check the wire to make sure it is not live. Usually, you need to buy a multimeter and connect it to the wires, so if you see that the multimeter does not read zero, then you need to further confirm whether the wire has current.

* Put on protective gear
If you want to further reduce the risk of an accident, you must wear safety gear. If there is water where you work, wear goggles, rubber gloves, and water boots.
Wire strippers and cable cutters are handy tools, but they need to be handled with care. Thermal strippers are relatively unsafe because of the toxic fumes generated when the insulating material is burned. If you're going to use a hot wire stripper, buy a gas mask at a fire-fighting supply store ahead of time, and work in a well-ventilated environment to avoid letting yourself inhale too much toxic fumes.


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