Methods and specifications for the use of electrical safety appliances


Before using electrical safety tools, check that there […]

Before using electrical safety tools, check that there are no cracks, aging, insulation peeling, and serious scratches on the insulation part, and that there are no looseness, rust, or fracture on the fixed connection part. If there is any doubt about the appearance of the insulated part, it shall be used after passing the insulation test.

1. Storage of safety tools

Safety tools should be stored in a dry and ventilated safety tool room at -15 to 35 degrees Celsius, a relative humidity of less than 80%.

Appropriate cabinets, racks, unqualified safety tools and other items should not be placed in the safety tool room.

The portable ground wire should be stored on a special rack, and the number on the rack should be the same as the number of the ground wire.

Insulation partitions and insulation covers should be stored in dry indoor racks more than 200mm from the ground or in dedicated cabinets. Wipe off dust before use. If the surface is slightly scratched, it should be treated with insulating paint.

Second, the use and inspection of safety tools

Safety tools should be visually inspected before use.

Insulated operating rod, electroscope and measuring rod: The allowable voltage should be consistent with the voltage level of the equipment.

The portable short-circuit ground wire should be checked for intactness before use. Any loose strands, broken strands, severe damage to the sheath, and loose or loose fixtures are not allowed.

Insulation partitions can only be used on voltage levels below 35kV.
Check whether the helmet is in good condition before use.
The waist belt, safety belt and rope should have sufficient mechanical strength.
Foot buckle and ascending board: the use of metal parts deformed and rope (band) damage is prohibited. Anti-skid measures should be taken for foot buckles and climbing boards in special weather.

3. Safety tool test.
All types of safety equipment should pass the type test, factory test and periodic test in use specified by the state, and make a record.