P-132 Heavy Duty Split Hydraulic Cable Cutter For Cutting Max Dia 132mm Cu-Al Cable/Armored Cable

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P-132 Heavy Duty Split Hydraulic Cable Cutter For Cutting Max Dia 132mm Cu-Al Cable/Armored Cable

The P-132 Heavy Duty Split Hydraulic Cable Cutter is an advanced cutting tool designed for precision and efficiency in handling larger cables, specifically catering to copper-aluminum (Cu-Al) cables and armored cables. With a focus on heavy-duty applications, this hydraulic cutter is an essential solution for professionals in the electrical, construction, and industrial sectors.
Key Features:
1. Heavy-Duty Split Hydraulic Design:
The P-132 incorporates a heavy-duty split hydraulic design, offering versatility in cable-cutting operations. This innovative design allows for efficient adaptation to various cable sizes and configurations, providing professionals with a reliable tool for a wide range of applications.
2. Specialized Cutting Capability:
Engineered for cutting larger cables, the P-132 is capable of handling cables with a diameter of 132mm. This specialized cutting capability makes it an indispensable tool for professionals dealing with heavy-duty Cu-Al cables and armored cables commonly found in industrial and infrastructure projects.
3. Hydraulic Precision Cutting:
The hydraulic cutting mechanism of the P-132 delivers precise control during cutting operations. This ensures clean and accurate cuts, meeting the high standards of professionals working with larger cables where precision is crucial for maintaining cable integrity.
4. Versatile Applications:
Designed for heavy-duty applications, the P-132 is versatile and suitable for various industrial tasks. Whether used in electrical installations, construction projects, or other demanding environments, the tool's adaptability makes it a valuable asset for professionals dealing with larger cables.
5. User-Friendly Hydraulic Operation:
The P-132 is designed for user-friendly hydraulic operation. Despite its heavy-duty capabilities, the tool prioritizes ease of use with ergonomic features, ensuring operators can handle it comfortably and efficiently during extended use.
6. Durable Construction for Longevity:
Constructed with durability in mind, the P-132 is built to withstand the rigors of regular use in demanding environments. The robust construction ensures resilience, providing a reliable tool for consistent and efficient cable-cutting performance over time.
The P-132 Heavy Duty Split Hydraulic Cable Cutter stands as a specialized and durable solution for professionals dealing with larger Cu-Al cables and armored cables in heavy-duty applications. Its heavy-duty split hydraulic design, specialized cutting capability, and durable construction make it an essential tool for precise and efficient cable cutting in diverse industrial settings.
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Products Features

1. Suitable for cutting armored copper-aluminum cable
2. Closed cutting head with bolt interlocking
3. Movable style blade for quick replacement, wires could be put in any position
4. 360-degree rotation of the head
5. A single-acting hydraulic pump is connected



Product Parameters
Model P-132
Cutting Range Φ132mm Cu/Al/Armored cable
Output 130KN
Rated Pressure 700 bar(10000psi)
Weight 12kg
Product Details

1. The cutter head could be opened

It is efficient and convenient to open the cutter head by removing the lock pin.

2. Solid cutter head

It is made of solid alloy steel. With heat treatment, it will be Sharp and efficient

3. Comfortable handle

The humanized handle design makes the grip comfortable and convenient to carry.

4. Joints+dirt-proof boot

The quick male joint is connected with the quick female joint of the hydraulic pump(Screw Threads: NPT3/8”). Please twist the dirt-proof boot on the male joint to prevent the dust from entering.

5. The packaging of canvas bags:

With firm material, it is comfortable to carry

6. Recommended Configuration: Manual hydraulic pump CP-700

Advantages: it can be used outdoors without power and is easy to use and carry.

7. Electric hydraulic pump

Advantages: With an electromagnetic valve, it is easy and effective to control the pressure increasing and releasing.


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