Several very common cable cutters


Cable cutters are one of the tools that are now commonl […]

Cable cutters are one of the tools that are now commonly used in life and are a large scissors that is dedicated to cutting cables. Cable cutters are used more and more in both life and work, so in order to enhance the performance of cable cutters, cable cutters have evolved from manual cable cutters that were previously only manually operable. The more various types of cable cutters, it is more convenient for everyone to live and work in the operation. Cable cutters are used in many fields, and cable cutters are used in almost all mechanical equipment for wire and cable.

1. Manual cable cutter.
The earliest development began with manual cable cutting, so it is more common in everyday life. The manual cable cutter and the scissors we use are similar in appearance, just a little bigger than our daily scissors, and the handle is longer, because it can better use the pole principle to cut the cable for faster cutting. Going to the cable, the knife edge will be harder and firmer than the usual scissors. Manual cable cutters are more common in life, because in life we ​​rarely need to cut large cables, and manual cable cutters can be easily cut off for small cables.
But large cables will require a lot of hand strength.

2. Hydraulic cable cutter
Hydraulic cable cutters include manual hydraulic cable cutters and electro-hydraulic cable cutters.
The hydraulic cable cutter features a hydraulic cylinder. When it is used, it is necessary to put the cable to be cut into the chain groove. When it is squeezed, the cylinder will be filled with high-pressure liquid. When the cylinder is filled with high-pressure liquid, it will be It brings more powerful hydraulic pressure, the hydraulic pressure pushes the plunger, and the plunger pushes the moving knife to move, so that it can cooperate with the static knife to form a force to cut the cable.
The power source of the electro-hydraulic cable cutter is the power of the lithium battery. The electro-hydraulic cable cutter has more gears inside, and many gears can rotate together to drive the cutter mouth to close, so that the cable can be cut off. Compared to manual cable cutters, electro-hydraulic cable cutters can easily cut large cable wires.

3. Ratchet cable cutter
The ratchet cable cutter is a large scissors that is specially used for copper and aluminum cables as well as copper and aluminum armored cables. It is used more in industry. The power source of the ratchet cable cutter comes from the rotation of the gear. After the gear rotates, the movement of the teeth is promoted, and the movement of the teeth causes the circular portion to gradually shrink. When the circular portion is reduced to the size of the cable, the cable can be successfully cut off.
Ratchet cable cutters are safer to use than other cable cutters. Manual cable cutters are used more in life, so they are more suitable for use in homes and other places, but they are also easy to handle for small cables that require tailoring. Some of the larger cables are also easily cut for hydraulic cable cutters.