Solutions to the four ecological problems of electric scissors


As a mechanized tool, electric scissors have the advant […]

As a mechanized tool, electric scissors have the advantages of light structure and convenient operation. As the most widely used hardware tool in the whole society, it has been widely used in various fields. In recent years, the electric scissors profession has developed rapidly. In the domestic electric scissors market, the sales of domestic electric scissors have accounted for 90% of the total sales, while various imported brand products account for only 10% of the market. In foreign electric scissors market, the proportion of my country's production is constantly expanding, and our country has become a foreign electric scissors production base with great potential for career development.

my country's electric scissors profession adheres to the rapid development trend, and it is urgent to break the following bottlenecks:
1. Compared with the high level in the world market, my country's electric scissors production technology and management level are low, and the product function is single. In order to become bigger and stronger in the world market competition, it is urgent to expand the proportion of mid-to-high-end shopping malls, and the competitiveness of products in the world market needs to be further improved.

2. Due to the low entry barriers for electric scissors in my country, the investment in independent innovation, product development, and brand cultivation is relatively small. The recognition of electric scissors products with independent intellectual property rights in the world market is far from enough. The marketing network has not been effectively established. Independent innovation ability and brand awareness must be further strengthened.

3. The export of foreign trade is facing a severe situation, and the price of raw materials has risen, making the production cost of electric scissors continue to rise, and the export benefit of products has declined. In addition, the continuous appreciation of the renminbi is even more of a hindrance to the export of electric scissors. There are still many difficulties to be overcome for the electric scissors industry in my country to obtain new results in foreign trade exports.

4. In recent years, my country’s status as a major exporter of electric scissors is increasingly being challenged by the development of our country. The national technology and management level is now greatly improved, and the labor and raw materials costs are low, which has brought my country's electric scissors industry Due to great competitive pressure, world competition is becoming increasingly fierce.