The difference between electric crimping tools and terminal clamps


The electric crimping pliers have just been introduced […]

The electric crimping pliers have just been introduced into the domestic market in the last two years. They are mainly composed of the electric output part, the operation part conversion part, the operation opening and stopping control part, the tool casing and other main parts. It is convenient for frequent work indoors, or it can be carried to outdoor work by installing a lithium battery. So what are the differences between electric crimping tools and terminal clamps?
In many cases, terminal clamps and crimping tools refer to the same type of equipment. There are many universal crimping tools on the market that can both press and crimp. For example, Dongguan Larry electric crimping pliers, there is no problem in pressing the terminal and pressing line within the allowable range.
On some mechanical circuit installations, the electric crimping tool also presses the wire into the terminal, just different from the terminal of the network cable and the telephone line. Some are used to merge some wires together, and some just press a separate line. Press the terminal as the terminal of the line or turn on the merged end.
There are many types of bare terminals, and the crimping tools can be insulated and bare at the same time, and they are also individually insulated or bare. Some need pressure die, hydraulic manual, and electric, but nowadays it is popular electric crimping pliers, which can save manpower and save energy costs. It is the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises, and also for large enterprises. The best choice for purchase.