What are the surface quality requirements of wire strippers


Wire stripper quality requirements, performance standar […]

Wire stripper quality requirements, performance standards, development trends

Wire stripper overview

The cable strippers is composed of a knife edge, a crimping hole and a pliers handle. It is one of the tools commonly used by internal electricians and electric motor repairers and instrumentation electricians. The pliers handle of the wire stripper is covered with an insulating sleeve with a rated working voltage of 500V, which is suitable for stripping plastic and rubber insulated wires and cable core wires.


Wire stripper surface quality requirements

1. The surface of the pliers of the wire stripper must not have defects such as cracks, burrs, pits or rust.

2. The shape of the pliers of the wire stripper is well-proportioned and flat.

3. The trademark on the clamp body is upright and clear.

4. The surface of the handle sleeve and other parts is smooth and free of defects such as burrs, lack of materials or scars.

5. The clamp body adopts any surface treatment methods such as surface polishing, blackening, electroplating, plastic spraying and baking paint.

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Performance standards for wire strippers

1. The pliers head can be opened and closed flexibly, and can be opened and closed freely under the action of a spring.

2. When the cutting edge is closed, the cutting edge gap is not more than 0.3mm.

3. The hardness of the wire stripper jaws is not less than HRA56 or not less than HRC30.

4. Wire stripping pliers can smoothly strip the plastic or rubber insulation on the outside of the wire with a core diameter of 0.5mm ~ 2.5mm.

5. The pliers handle of the wire stripper has sufficient bending strength. After the adjustable end face wire stripper is subjected to a 20N · m load test, the permanent deformation of the pliers handle is not more than 1mm.


Development trend of wire stripper

In recent years, China's wire stripper industry has developed rapidly, and product output has continued to expand. As the national industrial policy gradually encourages the development of the wire stripper industry towards high-tech products, investors are paying more and more attention to the wire stripper industry, and the project investment of domestic enterprises is also increasing.