What is a cable clamp? Cable clamp use and operation application


Cable pliers are a type of cutting pliers specially use […]

Cable pliers are a type of cutting pliers specially used for cutting cables. The two edges are staggered and can be opened and closed. Cable pliers are large scissors, designed using the "lever principle" and "the pressure is inversely proportional to the area". In order to strengthen the strength and convenience of cable cutters, cable cutters have developed ratchet cable cutters from traditional manual cable cutters, and hydraulic cable cutters, electric hydraulic cable cutters, and all-electric cable cutters have gradually appeared.


The cable clamp product is an indispensable tool for power, electrician, power transmission and distribution pole towers, petrochemical industry, factory and mining ship repair center. It is the most time-saving, safe and efficient to cut copper or aluminum core cables. Ideal tool. This product is exquisite in structure, light in weight and easy to carry. It can be operated at high altitude without using high pressure oil pipe. (Prohibited for steel core cable cut)


Cable clamp operation method

1. Select appropriate cables (cable size below 80mm).

2. Close the oil return switch, then move the movable handle to start the plunger pump to increase the oil pressure. The large piston will advance the blade into the work until the cable is cut off.

3. After working, loosen the oil return switch, wait for the piston to stabilize, then close the oil return switch, and then cut the second time.


Cable clamp maintenance and precautions

1. The structure is tight, and it needs to be kept by special personnel. It can't be knocked or collided, and can't be disassembled arbitrarily.

2. Only cut copper and aluminum cables.

3. After using for a long time, if you need to refuel, you should unscrew the fixed handle, pull out the rear oil plug of the oil storage bag, add the 20th mechanical oil leaked with 200 mesh leaker, and wait until the oil is full. Turn on the oil return switch, hit it a few times, exhaust the air from the oil bag, then plug the oil plug tightly, and then tighten the fixed handle.