What problems should be paid attention to when using wire cutters


Wire cutters are mainly used for cutting, bending, and […]

Wire cutters are mainly used for cutting, bending, and clamping metal wires, and can also be used for tightening nuts and cutting steel wires.
Electricians should choose wire cutters with insulated handles, whose insulation performance is 500V. The specifications of commonly used wire cutters are 150mm, 175mm, and 200mm.

When using wire cutters, pay attention to several aspects:
l) Before using electrician wire cutters, you should first check whether the insulation of the insulation handle is in good condition. If the insulation is damaged, an electric shock accident will occur during live work.
2) When cutting the live wire with wire cutters, the phase line and the zero line cannot be cut at the same time with the knife-edge, nor can the two-phase lines be cut at the same time, and the breakpoints of the two wires should be kept at a certain distance to avoid short-circuit accidents.
3) Do not use the wire pliers as a hammer, and do not hit the plier head with a hammer or other tools when cutting wires or wires. In addition, the caliper shaft should be oiled frequently to prevent rust.


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