SCC-100 Long Hand Mechanical Cable Cutter Steel Wire Rope Cutter

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SCC-100 Long Hand Mechanical Cable Cutter Steel Wire Rope Cutter

The SCC-100 Long Hand Mechanical Cable Cutter is a specialized tool designed for efficient and precise cutting of steel wire ropes. With a focus on long-handled mechanical operation, this cable cutter is crafted to meet the demands of professionals in various industries, including construction, maritime, and industrial applications.
1. Long Hand Mechanical Design:
The SCC-100 is equipped with a long-handled mechanical design, allowing operators to leverage increased leverage and mechanical advantage during cutting tasks. This design enhances the cutting force, making it well-suited for cutting thick and robust steel wire ropes with ease.
2. Steel Wire Rope Cutter Capability:
Engineered specifically for cutting steel wire ropes, the SCC-100 excels in handling heavy-duty cables commonly found in construction, maritime, and industrial settings. Its specialized design ensures efficient and precise cuts through tough steel wire materials.
3. Heavy-Duty Construction:
The cable cutter is constructed with durability in mind, making it suitable for demanding and rugged environments. Its heavy-duty build ensures resilience and longevity, providing professionals with a reliable tool for consistent performance in challenging conditions.
4. Mechanical Cutting Efficiency:
The mechanical design of the SCC-100 enhances cutting efficiency, allowing operators to achieve precise cuts through steel wire ropes. The long handles provide increased leverage, contributing to controlled and effective cutting with each operation.
5. Versatile Applications:
The SCC-100 is versatile and applicable to various industries, including construction, maritime, and industrial sectors. Its capability to cut steel wire ropes of varying thicknesses makes it adaptable to different cutting tasks in diverse work environments.
6. User-Friendly Operation:
Despite its heavy-duty capabilities, the SCC-100 is designed for user-friendly operation. The long handles provide a comfortable grip, minimizing operator fatigue during extended use. This ensures a positive user experience and contributes to overall efficiency on the job.
7. Precision Cutting:
The SCC-100 is engineered for the precision cutting of steel wire ropes. The mechanical operation allows for controlled cuts, and the specialized design ensures clean and accurate results, contributing to enhanced productivity and reduced rework.
8. Professional-Grade Performance:
With its focus on steel wire rope cutting and long-handled mechanical design, the SCC-100 delivers professional-grade performance. It meets the high standards of professionals who require a reliable and efficient tool for cutting thick and resilient steel wire ropes.
The SCC-100 Long Hand Mechanical Cable Cutter stands as a specialized solution for professionals in need of a robust tool for cutting steel wire ropes. Its long-handled mechanical design, coupled with heavy-duty construction, ensures efficient and precise cutting, making it an indispensable tool in various industrial applications.
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Products Features





Product Parameters
Model SCC-100
Cutting Range Steel wire ropes dia.≤10mm, Steel bar dia.≤7mm, copper cable≤100mm2
Weight 1.7kg
Size 600*160*50 mm
Product Details

1. Superior high-carbon steel forged

The blade has high hardness, strong bite force, and good toughness after heat treatment and forged.

2. Sharp edge

save the effort of 50%

3. Surface polished

elegant appearance and not easy to rust

4. PVC plastic handle

ergonomic design helps to use conveniently


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