What types of wire strippers are there?


1. Multifunctional wire stripper The multi-function wir […]

1. Multifunctional wire stripper
The multi-function wire stripper is a professional tool for cutting and stripping. It has multiple specifications of incisions. It can not only strip multi-strand wires, but also cut network wires and cables. It is practical, safe and convenient. The multi-function wire stripper is small and compact (one-handed operation), the blade cutting depth can be adjusted, and it can quickly strip a variety of cables (such as flat wire, thin round wire, network cable, etc.); it has the advantages of safety lock, small size, etc. , It can be stored and carried conveniently; it is made of thick ABS shell material, which is solid and durable.

2. Convenient wire stripper
The portable wire stripper (also known as the wire stripper) is a tool used to remove the protective jacket around the cable when installing a plug or a trapezoidal socket. It can be used to strip telephone cables, network cables and other cables.


3. Optical fiber stripper
Optical fiber stripper is a tool used to cut and strip the coating of optical fiber. The fiber stripper adopts a three-hole segmented design, which has the characteristics of precise aperture and sharp knife edge. When using the fiber stripper, there is no need to adjust the aperture, and the fiber coating can be stripped quickly and neatly without damaging the fiber.

4. Leather cable stripping pliers
Surface quality requirements of wire strippers
1. The surface of the body of the wire stripper shall not have defects such as cracks, burrs, pits or rust.
2. The body shape of the wire stripper is symmetrical and flat.
3. The trademark on the clamp body is correct and clear.
4. The surface of the handle sleeve and other parts are smooth, without defects such as burrs, lack of material or scars.
5. The clamp body adopts any surface treatment methods such as surface polishing, blackening, electroplating, spraying, baking varnish, etc.