Hot Sale Wire Stripper BX-50 Made by Naibo Tools

Hot Sale Wire Stripper BX-50 Made by Naibo Tools

Product use and characteristics

1.It is mainly used for rapid stripping of terminals and middle sections of insulated wires, overhead wires and cables

2.With simple operation, rapid peeling, no damage to the core, and light carrying, it is simple, intuitive and convenient

3.Forged from alloy steel, the blade will be sharper and more durable after heat treatment and grinding process and can remove, replace, grinding.

Product parameters
Model BX-50
Stripping range Insulation Layer of cable with dia.15-50mm
Weight 0.84kg
size 330×60×68mm
product details

1.Adjustment screw

The depth can be adjusted by rotating the screw up according to the actual situation.


Rotate the cable so that it can cut a closed loop.

3.Score cut

Cutting should get close to the closed circle and then press.

4.Humanized handle

Rubber handle is suitable for high strength working environment.

5.Portable canvas bag packaging/Card insertion packaging

Scope of application

Wide range of uses

Widely used in electric power, steel, petrochemical, mining, railways, highways, pipelines, sea rescue, etc.Cutting pliers for cutting cables, shipbuilding, bridges, aviation, metallurgical chemicals, etc.