NC-120 Electric Cable Cutting Tools Hydraulic Battery Powered Cable Cutter

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NC-120 Electric Cable Cutting Tools Hydraulic Battery Powered Cable Cutter

The NC-120 Electric Cable Cutting Tool is a high-quality and efficient hydraulic battery-powered cable cutter. This revolutionary tool is designed to effortlessly cut through various types of cables, including armored copper and aluminum cables, with a diameter of up to 300mm.
With its powerful hydraulic system and battery-powered operation, the NC-120 provides enhanced cutting performance and exceptional portability. It eliminates the need for manual exertion, making cable-cutting tasks quicker, easier, and more efficient.
Equipped with precision cutting blades, the NC-120 ensures clean and precise cuts, reducing the risk of frayed or damaged cables. The blades are crafted from durable materials, which ensures their longevity and ability to withstand even the cutting applications.
The ergonomic design of the NC-120 makes it comfortable to handle and operate, reducing user fatigue. It also features safety measures such as a safety lock and a release trigger, providing added protection during operation.
Whether you are working in the construction industry, electrical installations, or any other field that requires cable cutting, the NC-120 Electric Cable Cutting Tools is the ideal choice. Its reliability, power, and versatility make it a valuable tool for professionals who need efficient cable-cutting solutions.
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Products Features



Product Parameters
Cutting Range

CU/AL Cable≤ Φ120mm
Armored Cable≤ Φ100mm



Voltage of charge
AC 110V-240V
Charging time 2 hours
Ram stroke 120mm
Motor DC18V
Output force 200KN
Shoulder strap
Double molded carrying case
Battery and charger
Cutting capacity
Cu strands
Al strands
Armored cables
Product Details

1. Hydraulic device design of double speed and double action

The motor will stop and pressure released automatically when finishing the cutting. The pressure also could be released manually if necessary.

2. Designs of open-type C-shape and Guide pad

Open-type C-shape helps to cut easily and conveniently. A guide pad helps to effectively prevent blade dislocation during cutting.

3. On-off Switch with high strength and durability

The durable test has been carried out before leaving the factory. The switch turns on and off thousands of times.

4. High-performance 18V lithium-ion battery

Strong power, ultra-low power consumption, ultra-long standby time.

5. Protect tool of prompt disturbance display

Judge whether the system is normal through self-checking.


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