CO-25 23T Hydraulic hexagon crimping tool, hydrauliccompressor

CO-25 23T Hydraulic hexagon crimping tool, hydrauliccompressor

Product use and characteristics

Product parameters
Model CO-25
Crimping Range Cu/AL 16-630mm²
Crimping force 23T
Crimping type Hexagon
Stroke 27mm
Oil capacity 200cc
Weight: 5.3kg
Standard accessorries 150,185,240,300,400mm2
product details

1.It is easy to carry with a lightweight body

The smallest and most portable style.

2.CRIMPER HEAD with a design of pull pin

With convenient and quick installation and replacement of pressing die, the mould can be firmly locked to achieve accurate pressing.


The whole set of mould surface is treated by electroplating, which can effectively prevent rusting and prolong the service life.

4.Quick coupling+dust PROOF BOOT

The Quick coupling is connected to the female connector on the hydraulic pump with ZG3/8 thread size. When not in use, the plastic dust cover can be screwed on the male connector to prevent dust from entering.

Scope of application

Wide range of uses

Widely used in electric power, steel, petrochemical, mining, railways, highways, pipelines, sea rescue, etc.Cutting pliers for cutting cables, shipbuilding, bridges, aviation, metallurgical chemicals, etc.