Hydraulic steel cutter,bolt cutter YQ-16C,Max Dia16MM

Hydraulic steel cutter,bolt cutter YQ-16C,Max Dia16MM

Product use and characteristics


Product parameters
Model YQ-16C
Cutting Range Φ4- Φ16mm
Output 10T
Oil Storage Capacity Approx.50ml
Weight 5kg
Size 610×75×200mm
product details

1.High quality forged alloy steel

With super strength  steel blade , it is solid and durable.

2.Decompression valve switch

ON is used to increase pressure, OFF is used to release pressure tighten. The operation is stable, easy, safe and solid.

3.Handle with environment-friendly material

Oil and skid resistance, comfortable feeling, labor-saving operation.

4.Thickened plastic box packing

Shake and drop resistance to offer better protection to products.

Scope of application

Wide range of uses

Widely used in electric power, steel, petrochemical, mining, railways, highways, pipelines, sea rescue, etc.Cutting pliers for cutting cables, shipbuilding, bridges, aviation, metallurgical chemicals, etc.